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Southern Tier Police Canine Association Inc.

4125 St. Clair Road Binghamton, New York 13903

Phone: (607) 723-1878 Fax: (607) 723-1003


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What is the Southern Tier Police Canine Association?

The Southern Tier Police Canine Association, Inc., (STPCA) founded in 1984, is a private non-profit association dedicated to the training of police dogs and their handlers from throughout the state of New York and beyond.

The STPCA is funded by membership fees and private donations. These funds are used to purchase K-9's for training and for the purchase, maintenance and replacement of equipment used in training. To donate, please send your check or money order to the address above. Any amount would be most welcome. Donations are tax deductible.

The STPCA is active year round in the training of the K-9's and their handlers in suspect apprehension, contraband searches (drugs and explosives), searches for missing persons and human remains searches, tactical tracking, evidence recovery, arson investigations, building searches and patrol.

In addition to chasing bad guys each K9 team also trains very hard to maintain their ability to perform their specialty function (narcotics detection, explosive detection, human remains detection, Etc.)   

For information about training, please call the STPCA headquarters listed above, or send an E-Mail to

Membership is open to all police officers, police K-9 Unit members, trainers, or any duly-authorized and sponsored persons regardless of location. The membership fee is $35.00 per year per member. For a print-out of the membership application form, please click the printable form to the left. To apply online, you may complete the online application.

The STPCA currently has 30 members on the rolls from New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Canada.








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